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Krystal is driven by her passion to serve and help those who are hurting. She provides therapy, coaching, and creates healing environments to improve total well-being. 


As a licensed mental health therapist, Krystal has over 12 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families using a varied approach tailored to the unique needs of each individual.  Her approach to therapy is to meet the individual where they are in their healing journey, utilizing alternative interventions such as music, guided imagery, etc. She specializes in treatment for grief/loss, complex trauma, depression, and anxiety.


Currently, Krystal serves as the Executive Provider to a wellness center that provides inner healing and mental health therapy to adolescents, adults, couples and families utilizing holistic approach. She believes that change can occur when people are given direction and guidance that will assist in identifying and utilizing their own strengths to live fulfilled and peaceful lives.


Music has the power to heal and transport us to another time and place. Growing up with singers and musicians in her family, it was no surprise that  Krystal would begin cultivating a love for music at an early age.  She grew up singing at church and local community events with her family. 


Her ever-increasing love for music led to the development of KLS Productions, a company that creates music to heal, encourage and inspire.  In November 2018, Krystal released her debut album, 'The Journey of Restoration'.  Krystal’s voice has a soulful, electrical, and spirit-moving sound. Expect to feel warm and connected in just minutes.


Krystal authored and published her first book, 'The Journey of Restoring Me'  along with her companion album in November 2018. The album and book together provide encouragement and healing for all types of loss or defeat that people experience. The Journey of Restoring Me documents Krystal's healing journey after losing the most significant person in her life. Krystal shares clinical insights and revelatory downloads on things that helped her and will assist others in their journeys as well. More than just a story…This book is something that prepares you to face the unexpected adversities of life and your darkest times.


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